Another successful street collection event in Nenagh

Fundraising is a key activity for the Museum, and the annual street collection also helps us to meet and chat with our many supporters and well-wishers. A big Thank You to the wonderful Volunteers who gave their time and energy on the streets of Nenagh on Thursday or Friday, in some variable weather conditions! Brenda, May, Karen, Jason, Pat, Shay, Bawney, Josie, Una, Mary, Tori, Simon, Pauline, Ryan, Allie, Anne and Greg.

We also are grateful to the business owners who supported us over the few days – OConnor’s, The Sportsman’s Dream, DV8, Mulrooney’s, Centra and the Post Office, and especially to all of you who gave generously and for the many offers of cups of tea and words of encouragement. What a great community we have!

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