Award Received

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Create Digital Memories in Thomas MacDonagh Museum’s Unique Heritage Week Event!

Thomas MacDonagh Museum in Cloughjordan invites you to create digital memories in a special, free event in the Museum on 15 & 16 August as part of Heritage Week 2022. Together, we will create and curate an exclusive digital collection of personal objects that tell interesting or unusual stories resulting in an online exhibition on […]

Cloughjordan Honours Thomas MacDonagh 2022

Presented by Cloughjordan Heritage Group The Cloughjordan Heritage Group presents a reflection on the emerging new state – recovering from the divisive Civil War and striving for financial security. Friday 29 April 8.15pm: Launch of Cloughjordan Heritage Volume XIVenue: Thomas MacDonagh Museum Saturday 30 April 11am – 2pm: Thomas MacDonagh Summer SchoolTheme: The New Nation […]

Liz Gillis: The Fight for Women’s Rights and National Freedom

Cloughjordan Heritage Group presents a talk given by Liz Gillis, on The Fight for Women’s Rights and National Freedom. The recording was made in 2019, part of the Cloughjordan Honours Thomas MacDonagh Annual Summer School. After decades of suffragette struggle, some women were permitted to vote in a general election for the first time in […]

Thomas MacDonagh Museum Book Collection

This collection is an integral part of the story of Thomas and the MacDonagh family. It contains work by family members and aspects of the social, cultural and political movements of the late 1800s and early 1900s, which led to the development of a national identity in an emerging new state. Táimid fior-bhuíoch do mhuintir […]

Caring For Our Book Collection

We are pleased to announce that the Heritage Council has awarded a grant to the Thomas MacDonagh Museum supporting the care and display of the museum’s book collection. The museum holds a number of rare books, many donated by the MacDonagh family, along with others received from kind benefactors. Part of this collection can be […]

Anniversary of the death of Muriel MacDonagh

It was on 9th July 1917 that Muriel, widow of Thomas MacDonagh died tragically in a drowning accident at Skerries, Co. Dublin. In the time since the execution of her husband she had bravely maintained family life with their two children Donagh, (aged four) and Barbara (aged two). It had been a traumatic time with […]

Cloughjordan Honours Thomas MacDonagh 2021

Presented by Cloughjordan Heritage Group All events presented free online 1st and 2nd May and 3rd June. May 1st – Saturday at 8 pm Michael Collins: The Man and the Revolution A presentation by Anne Dolan and Will Murphy The talk will consider the making and remaking of Michael Collins. Examining Collins’s early life, the […]

Musical Legacy of the MacDonagh Family

The home of the MacDonagh family, with Joseph and Mary Louise and their six children, nurtured fine qualities and many talents. Perhaps the gift of music was the dominant legacy of their home life. Thomas was a fine singer, who was ready to contribute songs in Irish, English and French in the company of friends. […]