Cloughjordan Honours Thomas MacDonagh 2022

Presented by Cloughjordan Heritage Group

The Cloughjordan Heritage Group presents a reflection on the emerging new state – recovering from the divisive Civil War and striving for financial security.

Friday 29 April


Launch of Cloughjordan Heritage Volume XI
Venue: Thomas MacDonagh Museum

Saturday 30 April

11am – 2pm:

Thomas MacDonagh Summer School
Theme: The New Nation – Supporting the emerging State
Speakers: Joe MacDonagh, John Reynolds and Patrick O’Sullivan Greene
Venue: Tomas MacDonagh Museum
Fee: €5


Honouring Joseph MacDonagh TD (1883 –1922)
Guest of Honour – Joe MacDonagh, grandson of Joseph MacDonagh TD Members of the Tomas MacDonagh Pipe Band will join in a Community Gathering and Tree Planting in the 1916 Memorial Garden


A Night of Song and Story
Informal session of music, poetry and story

Sunday 1 May


Guided Walks in Scohaboy Bog celebrating May Day
‘I wish I were today on the hill behind the wood, My eyes on the brown
bog there…’
from May Day by Tomas MacDonagh
Choose a long or short trail along the Boardwalk

MacDonagh Summer School

Joe MacDonagh

Presentation: A hundred years of growing- the Irish State that emerged after the Civil War.
Dr Joe MacDonagh will look at the Ireland – first a ‘Free State’ then a ‘Republic’ – that emerged after the 1916 Rising, The War of Independence and then the Civil War. He will look at the impact these events had on his family, with two members of his family having died by the start of the new modern Irish state, before looking at how Ireland developed over the coming 100 years. His family have been involved in many of the changes and reforms that have taken place in those 100 years and in his talk he will show how we have developed as a nation and what way we might do so in the coming one hundred years.

John Reynolds

Presentation: RIC to the founding of An Garda Síochána
John Reynolds is a serving Sergeant in An Garda Síochána and founded the Garda College Museum in 2001. He is currently assigned to Garda Headquarters working on the Garda centenary year of 2022. He holds a PhD in history from the University of Limerick and is the author of two books, 46 men dead, the Royal Irish Constabulary in County Tipperary 1919-22 and The Templemore Miracles, 1920

Patrick O’Sullivan Greene

Presentation: Nation building – The startup called Ireland
Patrick O’Sullivan Greene, from Killarney, is the author of Crowdfunding the Revolution – The First Dáil Loan and the Battle for Irish Independence. Patrick had a career in business, finance and supporting startups before writing his first book. He worked in Dublin, London, New York and France, before returning to Kerry in 2012 and now lives in Beaufort, a village at the foot of Carrantuohill and at the entrance to the Gap of Dunloe. Patrick is researching his second book on de Valera’s eighteen month sojourn in New York.

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