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Captain Tom Walsh Modreeny Ambush North Tipperary No 1 Brigade Flying Column Borrisokane Barracks


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Captain Tom Walsh, Ardcroney, Nenagh was the youngest Captain In the 1st Battalion Tipperary, Irish Republican Army (IRA) during the War of Independence.

In June 1920 Tom Walsh was involved during an attack on Borrisokane Barracks. He joined the North Tipperary No 1 Brigade Flying Column when it was formed in November 1920 and took part in the events of the Kilcommon, Latteragh and Modreeny ambushes.

When the National Army was formed he joined along with Jack Collison and both fought on the pro-treaty side of the Civil War. In February 1922 he led the local branch of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) into Nenagh Military Barracks following the evacuation of the Northamptonshire Regiment. After the Battle of Nenagh on 29 June 1922 he was appointed to take charge to the National Army ASU (Active Service Unit).

On 29 November 1922, Captain Walsh took the ASU to investigate reports of armed men operating around Rearcross. While returning to Nenagh his Unit ran into an ambush. Captain Walsh sustained arm and thigh wounds and was transported to St John’s Hospital, Limerick where he had a bullet removed from his thigh. On the evening of 29 November Tom Walsh died from shock and haemorrhage.

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