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 Literature in Ireland: Studies in Irish and Anglo-Irish




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First published by Talbot Press one month after his execution in the aftermath of the 1916 Easter Rising. This book comprises a collection of 8 original poems, translations of 18 Irish poems, 4 ballads along with several street songs. MacDonagh’s narrative examines Irish and Anglo-Irish literature showcasing the development of the latter style marrying the Gaelic, Irish language and cultural nuance and origins with the development of English as the predominant spoken and written word.

The first leaf contains a 1921 George V two pence stamp overprinted with Rialtar Sealadaċ na hÉireann 1922. On February 1st, 1922 the Postmaster-General of the new provisional government called for a set of stamps of Irish design. While waiting for the production of these stamps the decision was made to overprint existing stamps of George V. Full control of the Irish Postal system was passed to the Irish government on March 1st 1922.

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