Station Badge RIC Cloughjordan



RIC Royal Irish Constabulary Civil War War of Independence


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The RIC, Royal Irish Constabulary, was the police force in Ireland from 1822 to 1922.

The RIC was under the authority of the British administration in Ireland. They comprised an armed force and were billeted in barracks in towns, villages and cities.

During the War of Independence, the RIC faced mass public boycotts and attack by the Irish Revolutionary Brotherhood (IRA). The force was supported by recruits from Britain which were known as Auxiliaries and the Black and Tans.

After the signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty the RIC was disbanded in 1922 being replaced by An Garda Síochana in the Irish Free State.

This station badge identified the location of the Cloughjordan RIC Barracks. This premises is located on the main street adjacent to what is now a pharmacy. The cast iron badge contains the insignia of the RIC, the Harp and Crown.

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