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Cloughjordan was one of 219 towns where electricity was available through a local supplier prior to the establishment of the E.S.B. (Electricity Supply Board) in 1927. The town was connected to the main grid during work carried out between 1955 and 1957.

Electricity suppliers in the town included W. G. Pattison, Electric Light Station, until 1930. Pattison was supplying 75 consumers in 1929. Pattison’s consumers were acquired by the E.S.B between 1929 and 1930). Martin Gleeson was in operation supplying electric light between 1933 and 1951. Gleeson had 83 consumers recorded in 1933 and 105 recorded in 1950. Gleeson’s consumers were acquired by the ESB between 1950 and 1951.

William Goodhand Pattison had established a mill on the Windmill (Templemore Road) which was used for grinding corn and sawing wood. An engine created to power mill machinery was run on gas created during the coal burning process. Pattison soon had a surplus of energy which he provided to private households, street lighting and businesses on Main Street. Poles and wires had been installed by 1912 and electricity cost 6d (pence) per unit. Street lights were powered off by 11pm each night.

In 1924 the gas engine was replaced by diesel and Martin Gleason had taken over Pattison’s business. He continued to provide power expanding his business at the onset of war when there were power shortages across Europe. Gleason moved the business from the Windmill to the old water powered mill building of the Kennedy distillery at Mullenkeagh. Here he took advantage of the water powered mill wheel and hydropower continued to supply Cloughjordan with electricity until the E.S.B. took over all private consumers.


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