Commerce in Cloughjordan




Commerce in Cloughjordan

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Cloughjordan has traditionally been a market town, which although small in size, included industrial, commercial and agricultural activity. Back in the day, practically everything was available locally and-self-sufficiency was the norm.

Two household ledgers, two receipts and two postcards shared by Breda Mounsey illustrate these themes. Household ledgers were maintained by the customer buying goods and stamped by the retailer when they were paid. In this example, Adam Guest, John Guest and Bridget Guest kept two ledgers over a period of 65 years, one for Williams’ shop and one for Harty’s shop.

Williams’ shop on Main Street for many years sold both meat and hardware. A hundred and twenty years ago, Williams’ shop was a grocer and ironmonger.

The household ledger for Williams’ shop was managed between 1899-1904 by Mr & Mrs Adam Guest, Breda’s great grandparents. Following Adam Guest’s premature death in a farming accident, the ledger was then managed by Adam’s son John Guest. John’s wife Bridget then took over the ledger when John Guest died in 1942.

Harty’s shop was on Main Street, Bridget Guest had an account with Mrs Harty, and purchased goods on account for the household and the farm. When the account was paid, the book was stamped.


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