Create Digital Memories during Heritage Week

Thomas MacDonagh Museum in Cloughjordan invites you to create digital memories in our free Heritage Week event on 15 & 16 August.

Together, we will create an exclusive digital collection of personal objects that tell interesting or unusual stories resulting in an online exhibition on the Museum’s new website. This project is open to everyone, young or old, whether you’re new to the parish or your family goes back generations, so let’s create digital memories together!

To be a part of our Heritage Week event, we ask you to identify a personal object that is meaningful to your life story and bring it to the Museum between 4-7pm on Monday 15 and Tuesday 16 August. It could be a family heirloom that has been handed down through generations. Perhaps it’s of historic importance to your family and your community. It could simply be a favourite object that was given to you by someone special.

While you are there, we will record why the object is meaningful to you, take a high-quality photograph and create a catalogue entry. Your object will be included in the online exhibition to be launched on the Museum’s new website in October.

This immersive event will involve you in the steps involved in digitising an object and adding it into an online exhibition.

The personal object (pictured) is a ceramic bowl purchased in 1961 in London from noted UK artist Alan Boyson and passed down in the Johnston family.

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