Heritage Week: Rural Electrification (Tuesday, 8 pm)

Thomas MacDonagh Museum | Cloughjordan | Ireland
Heritage Week 2016 runs from 20-28 August. As part of the event, the Cloughjordan Heritage Group is joining with Cloughjordan ICA in an evening of reminiscing on the  introduction of Rural Electrification.
In 1946 the first pole in the ESB’s Scheme was erected and this year marks the 70th anniversary. It was an enterprise that brought Ireland out of darkness and liberated a rural population from much of the drudgery that existed prior to its arrival. The ESB would like to gather first hand accounts of this project and their researchers will attend the event.
All are welcome to come along, contribute stories and stay for ‘cupán tae’ The  event will begin at 8pm, Tuesday (23 August) in the Thomas MacDonagh Centre.

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