Liz Gillis: The Fight for Women’s Rights and National Freedom

Cloughjordan Heritage Group presents a talk given by Liz Gillis, on The Fight for Women’s Rights and National Freedom. The recording was made in 2019, part of the Cloughjordan Honours Thomas MacDonagh Annual Summer School.

After decades of suffragette struggle, some women were permitted to vote in a general election for the first time in 1918. In Ireland that election was the first to occur after the 1916 Rising and thus became a de facto referendum on the issue of Irish freedom.

Liz Gillis is the author of Women of the Irish Revolution, Revolution in Dublin and The Fall of Dublin. She has a degree in Irish History and works as a Curatorial Assistant in RTÉ. She has worked as a researcher on numerous publications, participated in many conferences focusing on the Irish revolution and has also developed a ‘Revolutionary’ walking tour of her native Liberties.

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